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Child safety, in today’s times, is one of the most essential and basic rights that we can give our children. However, with the extent of crime rate against children that is afflicting our country and our world, this basic right is being denied to them. Did you know that almost one lakh children go missing every year when they are travelling to or from school? Some of these children are kidnapped for ransom but most of them end up in illegal trades.

It has thus become a matter of critical importance that our children stay safe when fulfilling their right to education. And the burden of each student’s safety lies heavily upon the educational institutions they belong to, be they schools or colleges. Guaranteeing the safety of its students not only brings peace of mind to the school management and students’ parents, it also builds the institution’s goodwill in the market. When people know that a particular school is proactively concerned about the safety of its students, more parents are willing to enrol their children into that institution.

This is the line of thought that governs Sri Technologies’ RFID Smart Attendance System. At the outset, our attendance systems are devices that automatically mark student attendance. As an advanced feature, the attendance record of the student is also sent to his or her parents, using a simple mix of GPRS and SMS. Parents can thus be assured of their wards’ safety, knowing that they have reached school safely. Many renowned schools have already incorporated this system into their way of life. And we hope you will adopt this healthy safety practice into your educational system too.

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The working of our Show and Go Attendance System is extremely simple and is literally a child’s play to use.The system comprises GPS Tracking, Biometric RFID, and a Smart Card.
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The RFID Walk-In Reader is a more advanced version of the RFID Show and Go model. Our RFID Smart Attendance System is suitable for all types of educational institutions
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School Bus Tracking for Child with Route map


The GPS or Global Positioning System tracks the location of a student when travelling to school and back home.
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RFID or Radio-Frequency Identification System is a hardware device which scans the student’s RFID smart card and registers his or her presence. It is installed within the
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Benefits of the Smart Attendance System

School Administration

Attendance System Software

Using our RFID system, the admin can maintain and track arrival and departure times of individual students. In this way, any late arrivals and departures as well as absenteeism can be monitored and tracked.

For example, in case a student is reported to have boarded the school bus, but did not report arrival into the school premises, immediate action can be taken to locate his whereabouts.

Besides tracking in and out times, It can also maintain every student’s daily, monthly, and yearly attendance data. These can be tracked and long periods of absenteeism can be dealt with.

The biggest advantage of our RFID system is that the admin does not have to be technically sound to run it. This is because all student records are generated automatically.


Attendance System Parents Features

With the help of our RFID system, parents can track the in and out time of their child. They will be instantaneously informed about the arrival and departure time of the student the moment the RFID device interacts with the Smart Card.

By knowing that their children have reached school safely, parents can spend the rest of their day free from anxiety.

In addition, parents can also track the real-time position of the school bus their child is travelling in. This is a particularly useful feature in terms of the amount of time that is saved. By tracking the vehicle’s real-time position, parents can know when to leave home to drop or pick up their children. Without this feature, parents would waste a lot of time by waiting at the drop-off /pick-up points unnecessarily, waiting for the bus.

Product Highlights

Product Highlights

Our Smart Attendance System comes with very unique aspects that make them stand out from those of our competitors.

  • No complicated hardware connections or internet settings required
  • No heavy purchase costs involved
  • A simple plug-and-play device with convenient installation procedure
  • No internet required to function
  • Cannot be corrupted by virus
  • No fixed location for installation can be installed as per convenience of the school/college authorities anywhere inside the premises.