Frequently Asked Questions

1.How can my school/college benefit from your Smart Attendance System?

Our Smart Attendance System can help you monitor each student's presence or absence in the school. It will tell you when they board the bus and when they arrive at school and leave it at the end of the day.

2.What types of Smart Attendance Systems do you have ?

A.We have two types of Smart Attendance Systems. The Show and Go model requires the student to flash his or her Smart Card for it to record his or her attendance details. The Walk-In Reader reads the Smart Card automatically without the student having to flash it as he or she walks by.

3.What provisions do I need to have on campus to install the Smart Attendance System?

A.For our Show and Go Model we require enough wall space to install a 180 x 130 x 45 mm device. For our Walk-In Reader, we require 500 square feet of floor space.

4.Should your Smart Attendance Systems be installed at one particular point in the school/college?

No, that is not at necessary. You can get the system installed at a location that is convenient to you.
  • 5.What kind of networking or internal wiring do we need to have to run the Smart Attendance System?

    The Smart Attendance System does not require any form of complicated networking or internal wiring to run it. The system works using a simple integrated GPRS and SMS mechanism.

  • 6.Is the Smart Attendance System protected from harmful viruses and malware?

    Harmful viruses and malware usually inhabit the World Wide Web. However, the Smart Attendance System does not use internet to function. Therefore, it is naturally safe and protected from such harm

  • 7.How long does it take to install and start using the Smart Attendance System?

    A.The Attendance System can easily be installed in a couple of hours and used immediately thereafter..

  • 8.How will parents get intimated about their wards safe arrival and departure into and out of the school/college?

    Parents will receive an automatically generated instant SMS on their registered mobile number. The SMS will contain their ward's name, time of entry or exit, and location.

  • 9.Can the Smart Attendance System be installed inside a vehicle as well?

    A.Yes, of course! The Show and Go Model can easily be installed inside the school vehicle. Doing so will help parents know that their child has boarded the bus and is on his or her way to school or home as the case may be.

  • 10.How do we get in touch with you in case of installation or functional issues with the Smart Attendance System?

    You can reach us through our round-the-clock Customer Support Help Desk by dialling +91 9014392919, or writing to, It does not matter how big or small your issue is. All our customer service representatives are technically equipped with the working of our product. They will resolve any issue with as little delay as possible.