Sri Technologies deals in some of the best quality RFID and Biometric Attendance Systems in the industry, which is economically priced.

India as we know has a rich educational system. There are thousands of schools and colleges in every city, who have the potential of becoming prospective clients for our products. All that is required for a prospective client to make a purchase is the guarantee that our products are trustworthy, would benefit their students and parents, and would raise their school’s name to great heights.

To build that high level of trust and commitment, we have incorporated some very unique and customer-centric features into our products. These features also act as Unique Selling Points, thus making our products easy to sell. They are:

  • Easy to install, activate and use
  • No extraneous wiring, networking or internet connection required
  • Not corrupted by virus
  • Very easy to maintain and service
  • No technical training required

However, the driving force behind all Smart Attendance Systems is that they help build a tension-free and trustful experience for parents. This is because parents can send their wards to school or college without worrying about their whereabouts. They are notified when their child boards the bus, enters school, leaves school and again boards the bus to return home. In addition, parents can also track the real-time position of the school vehicle using a mobile app.

To parties who are interested in partnering with Sri Technologies, we offer complete guidance and mentorship. Our set-up plan includes product training, demo kits and promotional material such as brochures/booklets, posters, flyers, etc

Given below are the minimum requirements required if you want to build a franchise for our products.

  • Home or office space of 200 or more square feet area
  • Fast and reliable internet connection – preferably wi-fi
  • Computer or laptop
  • ID, proof of local address
  • Bank account
  • Minimum Initial Capital Investment of approximately INR 1.5 Lakh

Franchise owners also need to have excellent interpersonal and communication skills in the local language and either English or Hindi. They also need to be skilled in marketing and customer relations, which will be beneficial to them in bringing in clients and generating business.

For further queries, enquiries or to arrange a one-on-one appointment, please call + 91 9912922233.

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