Face recognition Time & Attendance for Contractual and Distributed workforce.

face recognition staff attendance

Face Clock-in with GPS geofencing

Smart Attendance System runs an AI-powered face recognition attendance system, which provides practically 100% robust and accurate attendance.

Leave ManagementR

Staff can apply for time off, or managers can do it on their behalf. Approvals and notifications happen right within the Truein system. Our truly holistic attendance system
monthly attendance report

Monthly Attendance/Weekly Report

Present a calendar format with each day of the month. Use symbols or color codes to indicate attendance status (present, absent, late, leave).Include total working hours for each day.Provide an overall attendance percentage for each employee
HR Pay roll

HR Pay roll

Collect relevant information from new employees, including personal details, tax information, and bank details for direct deposit.Calculate employee salaries based on working hours, overtime, and other factors. Deduct income taxes, social security contributions, and other statutory deductionsProcess additional payments, such as bonuses or incentives. Generate pay stubs for each employee.